Dene Health Mission Statement:


"We, as First Nations accept full responsibility as keepers of Mother Earth to achieve the best quality of life and health for future generations based on our traditions, values, cultures and this will be achieved through the development of a health system model, research policy analysis, communication, and development of national strategies for health promotion, prevention, intervention and aftercare."


The objectives of the Dene Nation’s Health Department is to inform and educate on health and social issues through prevention, promotion and cooperation with communities and government agencies, both territorial and federal.


Regional objectives continue to be established through the ongoing regional consultation process. This process is in accordance with regional goals and is coordinated through the Dene National Office.


The Dene Nation collaborates with the Denendeh Health Committee, Assembly of First Nations, First Nations and Inuit Health Branch Health-Northern Region and the Government of the Northwest Territories' Department of Health and Social Services.


Coordination between regions, governments and communities is required to establish an effective integrated health model.  Community commitment along with funding commitments from governments will increase stability of programs and services and the ability to respond to health concerns.




Aboriginal Health Human Resources Initiative:

Enhance First Nation community-based Health Human Resources capacity, increase the supply of trained First Nations health care providers, and build linkages with accredited training institutions to improve cultural competency of health training programs.

Health Services Integration Fund:

Health Canada’s Health Services Integration Fund (HSIF) is a five-year, $80 million initiative supporting collaborative planning and multi-year projects aimed at better meeting the health care needs of Aboriginal Canadians. HSIF builds on the lessons learned and partnerships developed under the Aboriginal Health Transition Fund (AHTF).


Promote awareness of diabetes, its risk factors, and the value of healthy lifestyle practices; and provide information to First Nations about the Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative (ADI). The goal of the ADI is to reduce type 2 diabetes among Aboriginal people by supporting health promotion and primary prevention activities and services delivered by trained community diabetes workers and health service providers.


First Nations Information Governance Centre:

The First Nations Information Governance Centre, under the guidance of its member organizations; builds capacity and provides credible and relevant information on First Nations using the highest standards of data research practices, while respecting the rights of First Nations self determination for research and information management and in true compliance with the First Nations principles of Ownership, Control, Access and Possession (OCAP).


Regional Health Survey:

The First Nations Regional Longitudinal Health Survey (commonly abbreviated to RHS) is the only First Nations governed, national health survey in Canada. It is longitudinal in nature and collects information based on both Western and traditional understandings of health and wellbeing.

Home and Community Care:

Advocate and advance a better understanding of the continuing care needs of First Nations. Build awareness, capacity and communications; share and listen to community leaders, Elders, and service providers. Ensure that supportive and quality home care services are provided by skilled workers within Dene communities.


Injury Prevention:

Work towards reducing the injury rates among First Nations people by developing a coordinated approach to support First Nations injury prevention and control activities, as well as coordinating and monitoring regional injury prevention activities; address outstanding issues related to injury prevention; and increase First Nations’ communities injury prevention knowledge, awareness and activities.


Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB):

Advance and protect the right to quality health services and drug coverage for all First Nations’ citizens, regardless of residency.  Provide Dene Nation leaders and health professionals information related to NIHB issues, priorities, key pressures, and management activities.


Public Health:

Participant in the ongoing work and development of the Assembly of First Nations’ Public Health Advisory Committee.

Suicide Prevention & Mental Health:

Work to reduce the unacceptably high rate of suicide among First Nations – youth suicide is at epidemic levels. This will be achieved through establishing internal and external linkages with suicide prevention programs; and examining the accessibility of mental health services for First Nations as a means to identify gaps in services and resources in suicide prevention.



For more information please contact:


Ialeen Jones
Director, Health & Social Development Secretariat





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